We are happy to present to you from now on – every now and then – the mix of DJ friends of ours and what we will call „MIKILI – Bicycle Music“. We will start with Simon Strotmann from Hamburg. The founder of the Hamburg based label toodot usually plays old disco – and house tracks. But for us Simon didn’t record an eclectic Dance mix but one you can listen riding your bike while houses, people and landscapes pass by. Hence the title „passing objects“. We say: thank you Simon and greetings from Berlin to Hamburg!

Listen to this Mix on Soundcloud!


01. lnrdcroy – i met you on bc ferries
02. paradise’s deep groove – innermind
03. chaos in the cbd – trust is the key
04. eduardo de la calle – hope
05. john roberts – renata
06. dj sprinkles – midtown 120 blues
07. random factor – broken mirror (legowelt remix)
08. jeremiah r – infinite skies
09. leonardo martelli – filippo
10. nathan fake – you are here (four tet remix)
11. jonas palzer – no comply
12. black point – mythic
13. fit siegel – carmine
14. talk talk – i believe in you

You can also have a look at Simons profile at SoundCloud.

Foto: Robin Hinsch