The international exhibition Handmade in Germany is displaying masterpieces of 150 German manufactories, artisans and designers. After the first two exhibitions in St. Petersburg and Moscow, the exhibition will present a selection of contemporary high-quality products from Germany in Shanghai in the Up-Artsh Museum in June 2015.

By entering through China’s “gateway to the world” – as Shanghai is commonly named – the “Handmade in Germany” exhibition tour starts in Asia. Since the 19th century Shanghai has stood for the economic relationship with Europe and Germany. Today, Shanghai is the most modern and richest city in China. And there is a great interest in high-quality and unique products “Handmade in Germany”. This historical connection also makes it a fascinating place for cultural exchange – a cause which “Handmade in Germany” has taken up.

The Up-Artsh Museum in Shanghai is built of 198 recycled standard cargo containers, which are piled up in several layers and connected to each other. This unique architecture embodies like nothing else the economic importance of the trading town of Shanghai. On an area of 6000 square metres, the Museum hosts the permanent exhibition of the “Danish Design Museum” as well as various other spaces for art and design, fashion, furniture, food & drink. The Up-Artsh Museum is the hot-spot for the latest trends and contemporary design in Shanghai.

22. Mai – 22. Juni 2015

Up-Artsh Museum, 
Gate 1, No 1328, Yi’Xian Road, 
Baoshan District, Shanghai

Opening Hours:
Mo. – Su. 10 am – 5 pm


About „Handmade in Germany“:
“Handmade in Germany” is displaying masterpieces of 150 German manufactories, artisans and designers. The international exhibition presents a selection of contemporary high-quality products from Germany: hand-made precious objects and cultural assets manufactured in Germany. Germany has many good manufactories producing high-quality products. The reason for this is the historical tradition of German craftsmanship. The training – from apprentice to journeyman to master – is unique in the world; its purpose is to achieve a broad access to traditional knowledge as well as a great depth in the field, which makes handicrafts one of the most diverse and innovative sectors of the national economy. The “Handmade in Germany” exhibition uses selected exhibits to show what an important part handicrafts, including in the spirit of artistic movements such as the Werkbund and the Bauhaus, play in Germany’s cultural heritage. Exhibitors include world-renowned luxury brands, superb manufactories, individual designers and award-winning art studios – it is precisely this mix of old and young, well known and insider knowledge, which makes the exhibition, which was over two years in preparation, so appealing. “Handmade in Germany” is a journey through the objects and people of modern and traditional Germany, from those of the Alpine foothills of Bavaria to the Frisian Islands of the North Sea. Read more…