SNÛR is our practical felt strap. Just fasten it between the front wheel and down tube of your bike to ensure that your handlebars or tire won’t leave unsightly marks on the wall. SNÛR is included with every shipment of KAPPÔ, TÎAN or SLÎT.

Shipping time: ca. 6 to 7 days
Article number: S-FHG-01
Shipping costs: Included in price
More pictures of SNÛR can be found here: Client Gallery

Price: 12.00 € *

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Not only does SNÛR keep your front wheel stable, it also doubles as an ankle band. In other words, it protects your pants while you’re riding and your wall when you’re at home. SNÛR is manufactured in a social workshop in Berlin.

Material: high-quality natural felt with Velcro closure
Dimensions: opened: 37 cm long, closed: flexible from 10 to 17 cm long, 3 cm wide, 2 mm thick
Color: gray