MIKILI – Bicycle Music #02 has been released and a big thank you for the great mix “Blanc à pois rouges” goes to Hendrik Vogel! Together with Jago, the studied scenographic organizes parties twice a month at the Fettschmelze in Karlsruhe. Some of their illustrious guests are Move D., Gerd Janson, Barnt and DJ Sotofett. Hendrik gives Ableton workshops at the ZKM in Karlsruhe and has been taking care of the local DJ scene for the last years. But he is also working on his own sounds from time to time, his record „No Mountain“ was released on Big Bait Records just recently.

Listen to this Mix on Soundcloud!


01. Intro
02. Stereocity – Awakening
03. Regelblau – My Boys Walk
04. Suzanne Kraft – Skype
05. Orlando B – Jimmy’s Groove
06. Lowtec – In fail we trust
07. Kyle Hall – Mysterious Lake
08. Lucretia – I know you better
09. Mutual Attraction – Lost Tape
10. Larry Heard – Missing you (L’s Jazz Cafe Mix)
11. Jim Carrier – Holidays on Mars
12. DMX Crew – Parallel Universes
13. Herbie Hancock – Rock it

You can also have a look at Hendriks profile at SoundCloud and Facebook.

MIKILI – Bicycle Music #01 Mix by Simon Strotmann.